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Sara Sciuto and Sara Sciuto Literary Services represents the full package—as a former agent, Sara understands the mechanics of effective story-making and the marketplace. She reviewed my manuscripts, highlighted positives and areas for improvement, and provided insight as to which projects were most sellable in this market. After her consultation, I felt energized and able to direct my revision energy appropriately. I selected one story to work on further with Sara and she delivered an on-time, seven-page editorial letter, and edits on the draft that displayed her deep editorial knowledge. She pinpointed areas for improvement in plot, voice, and logic that helped move my story concept to a cohesive manuscript. Throughout my work with her, she shared helpful resources and tidbits. In addition to her expertise, Sara is positive, encouraging, and is clearly invested in her clients' success. 

I was astounded by the level of insight Sara was able to provide based on a review of my first pages. Her feedback gave me that “a-ha!” moment, providing much-needed clarity as to what wasn’t working with my manuscript—a problem I suspected was there, but had been unable to put my finger on. Her suggestions for how to get the storyline on track were intuitive and spot-on, and delivered in a way that left me feeling excited to improve my manuscript, rather than daunted. If you are getting nibbles from agents on your manuscript, but haven’t completely hooked anyone—hire this woman!"

Working with Sara was great! Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from our initial communication onward, the experience was really beneficial. Her editorial letter was detailed, and her notes within the manuscript gave me a lot of really specific ideas of where and how to make changes. Pinpointing certain issues in the first fifty pages of the manuscript also really helped me tackle the rest of the book in revisions. I’ve had readers comment on how much stronger the book is now. Working with her also helped me get a stronger feel for editing in general, such as how to brainstorm solutions in areas such as character development.

More to come! ….

As an author-illustrator, my picture book manuscripts needed help. I felt that the concepts were there, but the whole package needed... something. I couldn't quite figure out what it was that they lacked. Clarity? Simplification? Refinement? I felt that I had taken them as far as they would go on my own. Sara pinpointed precisely where the trouble areas were and gave me clear and nuanced directions to help me fix them. She has a way of gently offering criticism without being too soft. I often tell people that working with Sara was like going to grad school, without the huge price tag! With her advice, my manuscripts became succinct and flowing. I can't recommend her skills highly enough -- her expertise helped get me book deal with a major publisher. What more can you ask for?"

- Airlie Anderson, author of NEITHER (Little, Brown, Spring 2018), 

  CAT'S COLORS (Child's Play)

Sara began our relationship by asking me hard, insightful questions about the manuscript I had sent her, and by telling me things about how the market had changed since my last picture book had sold a few years before. Then, after I'd reworked it along the lines she'd given me, she sold it. In two weeks. This. Does. Not. Happen.

We've worked on several other projects since, and I've learned to trust her insights, even on the rare occasions when I didn't want to agree with them. I'm waiting now to hear from a major New York publisher with an offer on another book Sara helped me edit.

Publishing seems to be getting crazier by the year—or by the season—and a writer needs all the help they can get. The writer who takes advantage of Sara's services can expect to get what I got: honest and insightful criticism, and the kind of up-to-date market information that is hard for writers, especially new ones, to find. Sara Sciuto can help you to a tight, polished manuscript that an editor will recognize as quality work. I speak from experience.


Douglas Rees, author of TYRANNOSAURUS REX VS. EDNA, THE VERY FIRST CHICKEN      (Holt/Macmillan, Fall 2017)

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