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Attention: I'm currently NOT accepting new inquiries/clients in order to focus on ongoing projects. Please check back here occasionally as I'll be posting updates regarding my availability and new services (oooh!), etc., soon. Thank you for your understanding and best wishes with your work!

Get Agent-Level Expertise for Your Work

Whether you're just at the idea stage, or already submitting a manuscript, you may find yourself in need of some extra help. As a former literary agent specializing in children's books, I'm now offering authors (of picture books through YA) the same expertise and hands-on editorial development that was previously only available to my clients. I'm thrilled to be passing along to authors the benefit of my years of experience as a children's literary agent. 


My hallmark services are the First 10 Pages Critique and the Picture Book Submission Package. These are the two services I recommend for over 90 percent of authors who come to me for editorial help. The First 10 Pages Critique is appropriate for most all children's authors with a completed manuscript. With it, you receive a developmental edit of your first 10 pages (learn more about developmental, versus copy/line editing, here), including a review of your query letter. So,why only 10 pages? Well, the hard reality is that over 99% of submissions are rejected at this stage. An agent is able to evaluate whether she wants to see more of your work, or if it's a pass, based just on your query letter and these first pages. Sometimes, all it takes is a paragraph (eek!). This is because the viability of your concept and the level of your execution are apparent right away. For this reason, I'm offering services focusing on these über-crucial first pages. You pay only for a critique of the first 10 pages, but you get feedback that you can (should!) apply to your entire manuscript. (I know, sweet deal!) 


For picture book authors, and author-illustrators, the Picture Book Submission Package Critique is made for you. With it you receive a developmental edit of not one, but THREE, picture book manuscripts (plus a review for one query letter). Why three manuscripts? Because this is the minimum number of manuscripts you should have ready if you're querying agents/editors. When an agent likes the initial picture book you query (you're still only submitting ONE project for that initial query), they'll request to see additional picture books as a next step. Unfortunately, the majority of writers are not prepared for this request, and don't have additional projects to share. In this case, the agent will tell you to be in touch when you do, or simply pass. Enter, the Picture Book Submission Package Critique—designed to prepare authors for submission by getting multiple projects agent-ready. It takes more than one great picture book to get an agent!


As a former agent, my critique is more than a standard edit, rather it's chock-full of tips and tools from my agent arsenal, including submission tips, industry knowledge (e.g., feedback on the viability of your concept based on current market conditions and historical buying habits), advice on pitching your work at conferences, and/or general career guidance; as appropriate to each project and service. Whatever service you choose, you'll be armed with everything you need to make your project stand out from the pack, with an attention-grabbing concept and sparkly writing mechanics, so you can attract that special agent's (or editor's) eye!

        For Picture Book Authors….
  • 3 Picture Book Pitch Consultation
  • Picture Book Critique (Includes Query Letter)
  • Picture Book Submission Package (3 Manuscripts, 1 Query Letter)
  • Query Letter Critique

        For Picture Book Author-Illustrators….
  • 3 Picture Book Pitch Consultation
  • Picture Book Dummy Critique (Includes Query Letter and Online Portfolio)
  • Picture Book Dummy Submission Package (1 Dummy, 2 Manuscripts, 1 Query Letter, Online Portfolio)
  • Query Letter Critique
        For Middle-Grade and Young Adult Authors….
  • Novel Pitch Consultation
  • First 10 Pages Critique (Includes Query Letter)
  • Partial/Full Novel Critique​ (Includes Query Letter)
For Every Service: As a former agent, I offer you full access to my agent arsenal.... I'll be sharing submission tips; practical industry knowledge; feedback on the viability of your concept, in relation to current market conditions and the historical buying habits of editors/booksellers/consumers; and more, as appropriate to your project.  


If you haven't yet read through the full Services, Terms & Conditions, and FAQs, please do that now....

Great! Booking a consultation or editorial services is as easy as....


Email me the materials you'd like critiqued. For every service* the first step is to email me your materials. This is so I can confirm that your work is within my realm of expertise (i.e., picture book, middle grade, young adult—or something in-between!) and that you would benefit from my services (if your work is in excellent shape and, I feel, ready to submit to agents, I'll tell you as much with out taking your money). 

  • In the subject line: Include the name of the service you're interested in.

  • In the email body: I'd love to hear a bit about what your goals are for this critique (and/or your publishing goals in general). It can be as simple as "get an agent!," or as specific as you like. This will help me tailor my feedback and guidance to your specific objectives, to help you reach your next author goal.

  • As an attachment: Materials should be sent as an attachment, in a reviewable format (i.e., MS Word file, double-spaced, 12pt font). I only accept materials electronically. Be sure to check out your service description on the Services page, to make sure you're sending all the necessary materials.

*Partial/full critiques are a bit different, please see the service description.


Book your service! Once I receive your email inquiry, I'll respond to you ASAP (no later than 3 business days). If I determine that your work would benefit from one my services, I'll send you the access code for the "Book Online" page of my website. Here, you can select your Start Date and purchase your requested service via PayPal/credit card. 

The booking page will then take you to a nifty calendar where you can select the exact date that you'd like your review period to commence (in effect, choosing the Delivery Date for your critique). Review periods are 1-2 weeks for most services. My next available Start Date may be today (you're in luck!), or there may be a wait.

Once your payment is processed, I'll send you an email confirming your Delivery Date.


Contain the excitement for a couple of weeks.... On or before the Delivery Date, you'll receive your critique letter, and annotated pages (if applicable), via email. Ta-dah! You're now armed with a boatload of suggestions, guidance, and market knowledge to take your work to the next level!



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